Bridge Watchkeeping

Principle of Watchkeeping, Watch Arrangements, Taking Over a Watch, Performing the Navigation Watch, Watchkeeping in Different Conditions

Cargo Carriage

Types of Cargo, Planning the Carriage, Monitoring Cargo, Maintenance, Cargo Damage and Claims

Cargo Handling and Stowage

Loading and Unloading Procedures, Hatch Cover Operation and Maintenance, Crane Operations, Safe Use of Forklift Onboard

Celestial Navigation

Earth and Celestial Sphere, Almanac and Navigation, Use of Sextant, Time Keeping, Compass Errors, Position Finding

Basic Electronics for Deck Officers

Passive Components, Semiconductor Devices, Amplifiers, Feedback, Integrated Circuits (IC), Power Supplies and Thyristors, Oscillators, Radio Transmission and Reception, Photoelectric Devices, Digital Circuits I, Digital Circuits II

Emergency Response

Understanding Emergencies, General Alarm, Fire and Explosion, Abandon Ship Procedure, Other Shipboard Emergencies, Proceedings with Third Party/Media, Learning from Accident Reports

Electronic Navigation Systems

Nautical Charts, Chart Interpretation, Electronic Navigation Charts, Electronic Navigation Equipment


Fire Prevention and Safety, Firefighting on Deck, Firefighting in Accommodation, Firefighting in Machinery Space

IMO Conventions and Maritime Law

About IMO, Developing International Conventions, Implementing International Conventions, Explaining Conventions and Codes, Incorporating ILO Resolutions

Lifesaving Appliances

SOLAS Requirements, Rescue Techniques, Immersion Suits and Thermal Protective Aids, Lifeboats, Helicopter Operations

Mathematics I

Fundamental Concepts, Operation with Signed Numbers, Algebraic Expressions, Index Laws, Special Products and Factoring, Fractions, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Solution of a Quadratic Equation, Ratios, proportions, percentages and variations, Plane Figures, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles, Circles, Surface Areas and Volumes

Mathematics II

Functions, Limits, Derivatives, Differentiability, Application of Derivative, Maxima and Minima, Integration, Integration by Partial Fraction, Types of Integration, Area Using Integration, Multiple Integrals, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Graphs, Distance Formula and Section Formula, Straight Lines, Conic Sections, Trigonometric Functions of an Acute Angle, Logarithmic Solutions of Right Triangles, Graphs of Trigonometric Functions, Oblique Plane Triangles, Spherical Trigonometry

Meteorology and Oceanography

Earth’s Atmosphere, Winds, Principle Pressure Systems, Shipborne Meteorological Instruments, Shore Based Services, Waves and Storms, Weather Routing

Navigation Instruments

Ship’s Compass, Radar, Auto-Pilot

Physical Science I

Kinematics in One Dimension, Dynamic Bodies in Motion, Linear Momentum, System of Forces, Rotational Motion, Friction, Uniform Circular Motion, Static Bodies at Rest or in Steady Motion

Physical Science II

Magnetism and Electricity, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Properties of Material, Waves, sound and light, Heat


Marine Pollution from Ships, Marine Pollution, The Hazards and Effects of Pollution

Rules of the Road

Steering and Sailing Rules, Visibility, Vessels in Sight of One Another, Restricted Visibility, Lights and Shapes, Sound and Light Signals, Exemption

Ship Construction

Introduction to Shipbuilding, Shipbuilding Materials, Shipbuilding Process, Ship Construction Terminology, Ship Structure, Hull Fittings, Ship Stresses

Ship Handling

Factors Affecting Ship Handling, Ship Maneuvering Diagram, Shallow Water Effects, Hydrodynamic Interaction, Mooring, Anchoring, Man Overboard Procedures

Ship Routine and Seamanship

Ropes and Rope Work, Wire Ropes, Blocks, tackles and purchase, Mooring, Anchoring

Ship Stability

Fundamentals of Ship Stability, Damage Stability, Effect of Cargo and Ballast on Stability

Terrestrial and Coastal Navigation

Charts and Sailings, Position Fixing Techniques, Tides, Passage Planning


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