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The American Digital University Inc. is an online education business incorporated in Delaware, United States. It operates from two locations; one in White Plains, New York and the other in Sterling, Northern Virginia. ADU has two clearly defined services: e-learning consultancy as a service provider to its clients and an education and training provision for the maritime industry which is operated under the International Maritime College (IMC) of ADU Inc. The ADU operation is carried out from its Virginia office while the financial management is done from the New York office.

Online education now offers students around the world the flexibility to receive highest quality education and technical training without needing to schedule time in attending a costly traditional school, college or university.

We see a rapidly changing world of education with "sustained innovation" where a mix of traditional beliefs and values are being integrated and renegotiated with technology for better efficiency and effectiveness. We see the era of "blended" learning to be the best educational model to embrace which will produce better learning outcome with an affordable cost, aided by the evolving pedagogy of e-learning.

Since 2004, ADU Inc. has made a significant investment in online education and is recognized as a global source of highest quality and comprehensive skills training using e-learning. We shall continue to invest in cutting edge technology to develop relevant online programs.

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