American Digital University (ADU)

American Digital University Services (ADU Services) provides quality online supplemental courses for higher education. We develop courses in collaboration with our higher education partners and also provide off-the-shelf courses in areas of internal strength—college mathematics, science and professional maritime studies.

Experiential Learning Model

ADU Services’ e-learning offerings are based on an experiential learning theory that is built on listening or watching an interesting and engaging Instructor kick-off session, followed by in-depth self-study from the e-Book, then reflection and internalization of knowledge by going through the lesson quiz and homework assignments while having fun with experimentation in a virtual lab (where available); and then, validating the learning outcome in a test or an exam. We also encourage peer/teacher collaboration using video and e-mail communication. We also believe in a "blended" form of course delivery where a face-to-face component is built in following a "flipped class" concept. However, we always design such curriculum in consultation with the faculty and our partner organization.